latest sad poetry in urdu | ibn e insha poetry | 2020 | best 2 lines

latest sad poetry in urdu | ibn e insha poetry | 2020 | best 2 lines

latest sad poetry in urdu ibn e insha poetry 2020 best 2 lines

یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں , یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں

تم انشاء جی کا نام نہ لو , کیا انشاء جی سودائی ہیں

These things are lies, these people have spread ...

Don't name Insha Ji, is Insha Ji a businessman?

 बातें झूठ हैं, ये लोग फैल गए हैं ...

इंशा जी का नाम मत लीजिए, क्या इंशा जी एक व्यवसायी हैं?

Ye baatein jhoothein baatein hain
ye baatein logo ne pehlae han
Tum insha jee ka naam na lo
kia insha jee sodai hain

Ye Baatein Jhoothey Baatein Hain

Urdu language is one of the world's oldest language. It is full of emotions and has a rich literature, and therefore urdu poetry and its poets are famous and have a name worldwide.

Just like in this poetry, famous poet ibn e insha expresses his emotions in the form of this poetry. People relate these type poetries to their daily life and may express their emotions through these poetries.


Literature has a long list of humorous and satirical writers. This list is so long that it takes several pages just to lose a name. One of the shining names in this list is "Ibn Insha '". You have your own answer in every color in terms of proportion and suitability. The radiance that comes out of this song, whether in poetry or in prose, is unique and prominent everywhere. According to Mohammad Akhtar Sahib

Ibn Insha 'is a natural comedian. The more he writes, the better his style becomes.
The great modern comedian Mushtaq Ahmad Yousifi writes about Ibn Insha 'The bite of the scorpion cries and the bite of the snake sleeps. The bite of Inshaji also smiles in his sleep.

Bin Insha'ar has a unique position in Urdu literature as a romantic poet, a sensitive columnist, a travel writer and a satirist. It has been generally observed that when artists themselves work in more than one genre in literature, their creative power is dispersed, but the great thing about Ibn Insha 'is that he has proved his mettle in every genre of literature, although he has used many to express himself. He chose the fields. And that is why his heart is a poet and his mind is the best prose writer. 

His travelogues "If you go, go to China," "The world is round", "Diary of a wanderer", "Pursuit of Ibn Battuta" I have a style of satire and humor. But these two books can be fully categorized as humor. One is "The Last Book of Urdu" and the other is "Khumar Gandam".

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