Urdu Sad Poetry / Tum Ne Bas Turk-e-Taluq

sad poetry in urdu
sad poetry in urdu

تم نے بس ترک تعلق کو غنیمت جانا
مانگنے والے میری جان تو مانگی ہوتی

You just spoiled the Turkish relationship
The beggar would have asked for my life 

आपने अभी तुर्की के रिश्ते को बिगाड़ा है
भिखारी ने मेरी जान मांगी होगी

Tumne Bas Turk-e-Taluq ko ghanemat jana
mangne wale meri jaan toh mangi hoti

Tum Ne Bas Turk-e-Taluq

Urdu language is one of the world's oldest language. It is full of emotions and has a rich literature, and therefore urdu poetry and its poets are famous and have a name worldwide. Just like in this poetry(شاعری) famous poet Mohsin Naqvi expresses his emotions in a beautiful poetry. People love to read these type of poetries as it expresses their current life situation which give them a way to express their feelings through these poetries.

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